Lovely stones and great and fair company

I ordered a rose quartz wand, which to my great grief arrived broken in half. But Sam was extremely helpful and fair and offered to send another one immediately, free of charge.

We have been using the wands now for some while and they are so beautiful and blissful! I can highly recommend them! Also Sam seems like a great person and the business is very symphatetic and trustworthy!

All in all i am very happy, thanks to Sam and their family and the crystals they work with!

Aki Viren, Finland

Gorgeous Amethyst Egg

What a kind and helpful family. I shared that I wanted the egg to help me with a personal issue, and that I wanted a dark purple amethyst crystal. They accommodated both requests and even gave me a FREE MEDITATION to help. The egg arrived very quickly. They sent a helpful and lovely PDF on how to use it.

The very first time I used the egg, my friends noticed later in the day that there was something different about me. I had a ‘glow’. Indeed I felt very different. I love this egg, it came with a beautiful energy. Every time I use it I feel stronger and happier.

It’s just the right size for me. It has a pretty brown star-shaped pattern in the crystal’s facets on one side, makes it unique and personal. I really like it. Clearly a natural crystal from the earth. The other side (shown) it is clear dark purple amethyst.

I love this family and their product!

Cynthia Bishop,California

Beautiful Piece of Art


I have ordered two Ganesha idol in the form of heliodor and ocean jasper stone.Both the masterpieces were curved out excellently with a lot of uniqueness and craftsmanship…Both were given an excellent look with beautiful finish.I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to Sam Crafts for providing us with these classy piece of art.I would wish all luck and looking for more products in the near future.


Hiraknil Chatterjee, Kolkata

Beautiful carving

Beautiful carving and is a stunning bowl! Thanks for your wonderful craftsmanship and finesse, as always!

Mystique, Bengaluru

LIFE CHANGING experience!

Thank you! Just want to let you know, I had a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening two days ago after using your red jasper yoni egg on the 2nd. I think it was also sparked by meeting my twin flame. Thank you so much for everything!!

Tiffani Purdy

Merci beaucoup !

Google approximate translation :

I am very satisfied with my order from Sam Crafts.
This is my second order from this family business.
For the anal plug in sun stone, I drew myself the model, in the shape and dimensions that I wanted.
I was in regular contact with Sam, who always informed me of progress and difficulties encountered (by photos and videos).
We have found adequate solutions together.
I appreciate the state of mind of this company:
– Careful listening to the needs of customers,
– Timeliness,
– Requirement of a job well done
– Availability, exchange capacity and honesty,
– Reasonable price.
These are very important qualities for me. I am very happy with the result. Thanks a lot to Sam Crafts! ☺

In my native language :

Je suis très satisfaite de ma commande auprès de Sam Crafts.
C’est ma deuxième commande auprès de cette entreprise familiale.
Pour le plug anal en pierre de soleil (le troisième sur la photo), j’ai dessiné moi-même le modèle, selon la forme et les dimensions que je souhaitais.
J’ai été régulièrement en contact avec Sam, qui m’a toujours informée des avancées et des difficultés rencontrées (par photos et vidéos).
Nous avons pu trouver des solutions adéquates ensemble.
J’apprécie l’état d’esprit de cette entreprise :
– Ecoute attentive des besoins des clients,
– Rapidité d’exécution,
– Exigence du travail bien fait,
– Disponibilité, capacité d’échanges et honnêteté,
– Prix raisonnable.
Ce sont des qualités très importantes pour moi.
Je suis très heureuse du résultat. Merci beaucoup à Sam Crafts !


Beautiful pieces from beautiful people

My first yoni egg I received from Sam Crafts was beautiful but had damage from shipping, I believe. Sam was so generous and helpful and sent me a new one free of charge with my next order.

The stones are all beautifully crafted and posses a loving kindness about them that a machined item cannot produce. I have no doubt that Sam and her family are kind souls and I appreciate all her help and guidance in selecting the right stones for me.

I highly recommend this shop to anyone interested. The prices are very reasonable and your receive fabulous customer service which cannot often be said.


Gorgeous eggs and excellent customer service

I bought four eggs (moonstone, labradorite, red jasper and amethyst) and they are so gorgeous and so perfectly shaped and well smoothed out. Each egg is so individual with its own energies and shape. I am just in love with them and definitely will be returning for more in the future. I also was having a contant with Sam about my needs and she’s been so great and helpful providing excellent customer service. Just love it love it!


great service

sam is very helpful, work is very well done, and they really take care, thank you a lot

lexane mad

I am very satisfied !

I am very satisfied with my last custom order.
Sam really listens to the needs of his customers and takes the time to find high quality stones.
The carved products that I ordered were not very easy to cut and my requirements were great.
In the end, I am sincerely very satisfied with the result.
Thank you very much to Sam and all his team, which I highly recommend!


Radiant eggs and wonderful service

Thank you so much for my beautiful rainbow moonstone egg. It’s been a pleasure purchasing my eggs from you. There is care from start to finish and a beautiful stone as a result. I’ve recommended you to all my friends and will certainly be ordering more eggs from you.

Thank you so much!

United Kingdom

Handcrafted Unique Beauties…

The love I feel for this family (Sam personally especially) is so surprising it overwhelms me. I mean I have never met these people in person. I have ordered from them over the past 4 or so years and had such a unique and genuine experience with each yoni egg. From them, I have a tiger’s eye, amethyst, labradorite, amazonite, and most recently a clear quartz. The odd synchronicity is that I did not gravitate to clear quartz until just last year (the end half of the year), so when I spoke to Sam about what was newly going on in life and clear quartz came up as a tool to help with current events, I knew the only place I wanted to order from was SamrudhiHandicrafts (on My location means a couple of weeks wait until I receive my packages from Sam though that is nothing I can not handle. It is always such a gift when my packages arrive. The energy coming from the stones she has touched is absolutely wonderful, calm, minty, and not limited to steady. The shapes of her stones mean to me, uniqueness, beauty, hard work, handmade genuine effort. Sam, my sister, I love you with the love our Creator has us to and I am a customer of yours for as long as I can be. Please stay doing what you do as your work carries your pure and beautiful positive energy as you share with the world. Handmade over factory offers such a personal unique love appreciated by people like me. <3 <3 <3

NC, United States

I recommend this shop

I had a problem in picking package from shipping service, so it went back to store. Sam was very helpful through out whole process and refund product costs as soon as package reached shop. Very good contact, helpfull and honest treatment. I recommend people who built this company as trust worthy.

Dagmara Wol

Energetically pulled towards Eggs

When I unpacked the rose egg, there was this pull to hold it my hand and not put it back again for a long time. Energetically it felt very good. Very happy with the eggs (besides rose also 2 other) and service. As I’m new to this I found out that’s better for me to have them holed – for better exercising and removal – and Sam will do this for free. Thank you so much!


Kerala, India

Repeat order

Happy with the rose quartz healing/pleasure wand. Feel good in every kind of way.

Kerala, India

5 Star service!

Sam was extremely helpful, taking pics of each egg so I could be sure I got what I needed. Communication was excellent and shipping was extremely fast, only 6 days from India to Cornwall- it got here faster than things I ordered from the UK! The eggs are all beautiful, very smooth and well polished. Can’t recommend them enough and I will definitely order again.

Tanith Rutherford
Cornwall, UK

Patience and helpfull family – Healthy stones

I ordered 2 eggs in the SamCraft E-shop . There were only one labradorite egg and 2 iolite egg left. I contacted Sam to know if he could send me pictures of the eggs or maybe chose between both iolite egg or another stone according to my situation. Actually… He did both ! He gently asked his father about my query and sent the parcel as soon as he had his confirmation. This kind of exchange almost disappeared in the actual commercial world, and I am really grateful for the time and listening they provided for my order.

The stones came well protected in France, only one week after their sending, healthy and plenty of sparks and nice colors. The cutting work is palpable on the labradorite egg, I really enjoy rolling it under my fingers. Those stones have a story that machine-made stones don’t have.

The Reiki infusion is very strong, and was especially deep on the labradorite. It is a great protection for the stone if you wear it in a really hard time. I believe it avoids very efficiently “negativity” to “pollute” the stone for a good time.

I still can’t exactly describe the effect of the iolite egg but I am very happy it came to me. Both eggs work very well together, wherever they are and whatever I do with them, as long as they stay close from each other. I really enjoy admiring them each day in the sunlight.

Thank you <3


Great place to shop yoni eggs!!

This is the very first time I purchased from this online shop. Loved the experience. A lot of importance is given to customer satisfaction.
I had ordered black obsidian and rose quartz yoni eggs. Even though I was extremely happy with the black obsidian yoni egg, the rose quartz yoni egg was a little defective. I contacted Sam and mentioned my concerns and she right away offered to exchange the yoni egg. Within next 3 to 4 days, I was sent a new, wonderful rose quartz yoni egg. I loved how fast they sent me the replacement without any delay. Shipping both the times was done super fast even during the Covid-19 lockdown in India. Thanks Sam!

Bengaluru, India


Good Morning Sam – I hope you are keeping well. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for everything. Your service was 100%. My parcel has arrived and everything is perfect. Take care & keep well. Jolene

South Africa

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