Ganesha Idol in Rose Quartz


Ganesha in rose quartz

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Customized Ganesha (Hindu elephant god) idol in rose quartz , also available in other stones .

Size – Available from 1 inch to 24 inches


Ganesha is globally the most widely recognized Hindu deity. He is the Elephant God of Hinduism and is often described as the remover of obstacles. Hindus invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha before embarking on any new task for her is the one who holds the power to grant intellect, wisdom and remove any challenges from one’s path to success. Here we list 10 amazing facts about Ganesha based on stories and myths from Hindu scriptures.

  • Lord Ganesh belongs to a family of divine figures. He is the son of Lord Shiva – the Hindu God of Destruction and Goddess Parvati – the Hindu Goddess of fertility & love. Lord Ganesh has a brother in Lord Kartik – the Hindu God of War & Victory and two sisters in Goddess Lakshmi – the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Goddess Saraswati – the Hindi Goddess of Knowledge.
  • Ganesha is the original writer of the great Hindu epic Mahabharat. It is believed that the narrator of the Mahabharat – Sage Ved Vyasa – chose Ganesha to be his scribe because no other being in the Universe had the wisdom to take up the monumental task of penning the treatise of ancient wisdom.
  • Lord Ganesh is Hinduism’s most popular deity. This is no accident as scriptures succinctly explain the reasons behind this. It is believed that when Ganesha got his Elephant Head, the Gods declared that a prayer to him must precede any other holy Hindu ritual. As a result Lord Ganesh is a worshipped before the invoking of any other deity.
  • Hindu deities are frequently attached to animal vehicles or ‘vahana’ which serve as their primary mode of transport. Lord Ganesh’s animal vehicle is the Mouse which represents the ego. Observers popularly interpret Lord Ganesha’s riding of a Mouse as a representation of the human duty to control one’s ego and stay constantly grounded.
  • While the Tulsi plant has a holy relevance in most Hindu rituals, the worship of Lord Ganesh specifically excludes any involvement of the Tulsi plant. This is because Tulsi once cursed Lord Ganesh when he refused to marry her and in turn ended up receiving a curse from the Elephant God himself which excluded her from ever being linked to his worship.


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