Lapies Lazuli | Bowl l Reiki infused | handmade carved | Devine Natural

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Beautiful Lapis Lazuli bowl

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Diameter: = 50 mm

Height: = 20 mm

Weight: = 28.40 grams

The ancient Egyptians were extremely interested in astronomy, astrology, magic and healing. They understood that “MAGIC” was simply the use or our natural surroundings to gain knowledge. All things spiritual and unseen were revered. They were incredible healers and had a vast knowledge of the mineral kingdom and the powerful allure of stones and their vibrations. The colour blue in all its shades was thought to be extremely beneficial in healing, they therefore revered and used all blue stones in healing techniques . All crystals are attuned to certain parts of the body, that is to say that their healing energies vibrate in harmonic resonance with certain areas better than others. Lapis Lazuli can be placed on the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye. The Egyptians thought that the soul existed in the mind and was housed in the brain. Lapis Lazuli was used as a soul purifier and mind healer by being placed over the Third Eye. Lapis Lazuli is a deeply penetrating crystal and it will bring to the conscious mind any problems of blockages that exist in the sub-conscious, thereby opening the way for other more gentle vibrations to remove that blockage and deal with the emotional trauma once the conscious mind has acknowledged the problem. Other crystal you should use in conjunction with Laps Lazuli are Green Aventurine, Amethyst and Stilbite. Lapis Lazuli is an advanced light worker and should only be used by an experienced healer. Light workers use it to purge and cleanse that part of the aura which is no longer needed, removing blockages from the aura left over from past incarnations.

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