Stone bowl | hollow orbs | 32.85Gms |Red jasper bowl | handmade carved

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Beautiful Red Jasper Bowl

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Diameter:  =Approx 50 mm
Height:  =  Approx 30 mm
Weight:  = 32.85 grams
Stone : = Blood stone Bowl

♥ Relaxation ♥ Contentment ♥ Compassion ♥ Nurturing ♥ Consolation ♥ Tranquility ♥ Healing ♥ Completion

Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It sustains and supports through times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Jasper provides protection and absorbs negative energy. It balances yin and yang. Jasper clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation. It encourages honesty with one’s self. Provides courage to assertively tackle problems. Aids quick-thinking and promotes organisational abilities. Jasper stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into action. Prolongs sexual pleasure. It supports during prolonged illness and re-energises the body. Red Jasper is gently stimulating and also an extremely protective stone. It can neutralise radiation and other forms of environmental and electromagnetic pollution. Red Jasper rectifies unjust situations and grounds energy. Brings problems to light and provides insights into difficult situations. An excellent “worry bead”, Red Jasper calms the emotions. Aids in dream recall. Cleans and stabilises the aura. A stone of health, Red Jasper strengthens and detoxifies the circulatory system, blood and liver. —————————————————————————————————————————————————— REVIEWS: We will be delighted if you could take a moment to leave us a feedback regarding your experience. We value your honest advice and any constructed criticism as we strive to offer the best of services with us. If there is an issue, please contact us before you proceed to leaving a negative review. Most of the time, issues are resolved by a simple email. REFUSAL OF SERVICES We reserve the right to refuse offering our services, selling our goods and/or canceling a sale to anyone proved to harm our business in any way.

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