Patience and helpfull family – Healthy stones

I ordered 2 eggs in the SamCraft E-shop . There were only one labradorite egg and 2 iolite egg left. I contacted Sam to know if he could send me pictures of the eggs or maybe chose between both iolite egg or another stone according to my situation. Actually… He did both ! He gently asked his father about my query and sent the parcel as soon as he had his confirmation. This kind of exchange almost disappeared in the actual commercial world, and I am really grateful for the time and listening they provided for my order.

The stones came well protected in France, only one week after their sending, healthy and plenty of sparks and nice colors. The cutting work is palpable on the labradorite egg, I really enjoy rolling it under my fingers. Those stones have a story that machine-made stones don’t have.

The Reiki infusion is very strong, and was especially deep on the labradorite. It is a great protection for the stone if you wear it in a really hard time. I believe it avoids very efficiently “negativity” to “pollute” the stone for a good time.

I still can’t exactly describe the effect of the iolite egg but I am very happy it came to me. Both eggs work very well together, wherever they are and whatever I do with them, as long as they stay close from each other. I really enjoy admiring them each day in the sunlight.

Thank you <3